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Panoramic Video Cameras on Sale

Shenzhen Civic Center

Shenzhen Civic Center

We‘ve completed the developing of a series of PANORAMIC security surveillance video cameras, cooperated with our client. Now it is on sale.

The products include fisheye, 4-sensor/5-sensor/8-sensor panoramic cameras, with a resolution up to 24M , and a more striking  40M resolution will come soon(update: 96M is supported now).

Lots of panorama type was supported, including a spherical immersive panorama, and all kinds of projections(Rectilinear/Cylindrical/Spherical…). Real-time switching of Sub-stream/Main-stream mode, real-time switching of different kinds of projection type, and a surprisingly low overhead on PC–it can run on OpenGL 2.1.

For more details please contact us.

15 mega pixels panoramic security surveillance video camera

some application cases

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